• Kitchen Lighting Guide

    Whether you're starting from scratch in a new kitchen, or just deciding to switch it up - you'll need to cover the three lighting types. General, which provides basic light for the room; Task lighting, which highlights a specific work area; and Accent lighting, which can create a focal point in t... View Post
  • Designing for a Restaurant

    While incredible food and top-notch customer service are crucial for a successful restaurant, the ambience of the space and the design choices in the room are also important. The design of the restaurant sets the stage for the diner's experience. Some important factors to consider when designing ... View Post
  • Make a Statement with a Clock

    In a world full of smart phones and smart watches, it has come to our attention that people seem to have forgotten about the clock. The classic, analog clock that is not only useful to tell time - but can be a beautiful piece of home decor and make a statement in any room. Adding a modern wall cl... View Post